About Us

As you may have already seen, CD Web Design specialises in web design, bespoke development and graphic design. We’ve been in business since 2005 and as far as we’re concerned, effective web design isn’t just about you – it’s about your customers too. Our job is to understand the two sides of the story, create a relevant web experience for both, and build a flourishing relationship between you. Like some kind of creative Cupid, you might say.

We can think as big as you need us to, but offer all the speed, flexibility and gratitude of a small web design agency. There are no layers of bureaucracy to pay for and none for us to hide behind. We’re open, honest and good at what we do.

Our Process


Develop a thorough understanding of your company, project, audience, and objectives. – We want to hear you talk about your business, your needs, and your vision.


Construct a framework for your project to take shape within in terms of strategy, production and time. – We work through navigational and usability issues, we take into account your existing brand and audience.


Present purposeful designs that reflect your objectives and outline the final project aesthetic. – We love designing beautiful websites that convey both your message and your personality to the online world.


Implement and develop designs into functional prototypes and documents. – We enjoy using pixels and code to solve your business problems and to increase your visibility.


Review and prepare final product. Polish, test, finalise, launch, and deliver. We make things work meaning you don’t have to worry about the mechanics and can concentrate on your idea.