Databases are incredibly prevalent — they underlie technology used by most people every day if not every hour. Databases reside behind a huge fraction of websites; they’re a crucial component of telecommunications systems, banking systems, video games, and just about any other software system or electronic device that maintains some amount of persistent information. In addition to persistence, database systems provide a number of other properties that make them exceptionally useful and convenient: reliability, efficiency, scalability, concurrency control, data abstractions, and high-level query languages.

Databases are often the backbone of a successful dynamic websites, the seems to be no limit to their applications from being the system behind the largest social networks to the base for a community forum.

We pride ourselves on providing scalable solutions to suit every size of business, we also love to hear new web ideas and enjoy the problem solving behind bringing them to market.

We have some existing systems that have been developed in-house to suit many applications and we are happy to tailor these to each customers requirements or build something specific for the unique situation that you company is looking to develop.

Databases can be as simple or complex as your require and we can help to advise you at every step of the process as to which solution is best for your organisation, whilst also looking to develop and online unique selling point