Frequently Asked Questions

Where are CD Web Design based in the UK?

We are based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, but regularly travel to meet clients around the UK. Due to the nature of the web world we are able to create stunning designs for companies based thousands of miles away.

How much is my website going to cost?

We have packages starting at £395, but the exact price depends on a number of factors, how many pages do you want? How complex would you like the site to be? Would you like to sell online?

How do I get my website listed in Google?

We design your site in such away that it is google friendly, and we then submit it to google. It will then get ranked by keywords and will start showing in google rankings. We ask for your input it which word strings you would like to to focus our SEO on, and we are very successful at achieving top 3 results within these.

How long will it take to design and develop my website?

This will depend on the exact complexity of you site. If required can provide a 24 hour service for most of our packages however this does incur an additional fee. For normal web builds we work on a 2-3week turnaround and for eCommerce builds upto 4 weeks.

Does CD Web Design outsource any web design or development?

No, we never outsource any development work, we provide all services in house, as we find this allows to best manage the project and therefore provide the best service to you.

How do you charge for your Web Optimisation (SEO) services?

We have two options in regards to this, one is a monthly SEO management, whereby we keep optimising your site, focusing on your developing keywords, then transferring the retaining customers and converting in sales. The other option is a one of consultancy, whereby you give us a list of target keywords, we optimise these within your site and produce a report showing the new rankings. This way you know the fee upfront and are not tied into any contracts.

Do CD designers use templates or stock designs?

We do not use templates or stock designs for any of our packages or eCommerce builds. However we do offer an entry level package that is built within existing templates, but these are still customised to suit the exact business requirements. This will be your site will still be unique and customised to your company, but saves us some time coding therefore allowing us to offer it at a great value price.