Industry Specific Web Design

We’ve worked with many different types of organisation across a wide range of industries. Our team brings this depth and breadth of experience to each and everyone of our projects.

We don’t just work with business principles. We’re well acquainted with the peculiarities of many industries and organisations.

See below for a sample of industries we’ve worked closely with:

Online Retail

We have developed Modules specifically for the retail industry, providing retailers with a comprehensive online solution aimed at driving traffic, generating leads and boosting sales. Each Module is engineered for Search Engine Optimisation Efficiency, integrated with website Analytics to enable informed decision making, and linked with various reporting tools which simplify work processes and enhance customer service.


CD has custom-built online solutions that meet the exact business requirements within the tourism industry in the UK. We know what’s important to your business from the web perspective.

Professional Services

CD provides valuable tools for organisations looking to enhance credibility, strengthen relationships, promote positive word of mouth, generate leads and improve operational efficiency. Our online engine can be customised to create a range of access levels to easily manage information for various stakeholders in a secure environment.


CD offers tailored franchise solutions that can standardise franchisee web pages in line with corporate image and generate additional sources of revenue for franchisors.


CD’s modular online business systems improve operational processes through web technology which enables information sharing in real time between staff, partners, customers and suppliers around the globe.

Non profit

CD’s website management platform allows administrators to manage website content without the need for technical web expertise. This reduces the overall cost of website ownership and is valuable to organisations with more human than fiscal resources available. With a range of interactive tools that engage target audiences and support fundraising activities, our integrated applications provide maximum ROI.


Our technology offers secure login pages for students and staff, enabling them to access documents in a protected environment. We can also enhance and augment learning and engagement through a range of interactive applications, while keeping various target audiences informed via segmented news and information items.


Our engaging range of web-based tools can assist health industry professionals educate and inform, while improving operational efficiency and enhancing customer service. CD can also help with streamlining communication processes between staff, patients, members and suppliers.

Media and Entertainment

Our online solutions can be customised to the needs of entertainment and media organisations in order to boost site traffic, increase customer engagement, drive sales and augment existing marketing strategies. Our integrated application platform allows organisations to build their online community through a range of interactive tools, allowing you to capitalise on audience patronage, expand reach and grow in new markets.


CD offers the flexibility, scalability and reliability Government funded organisations and Government bodies require. Our website management platform enables government departments to better utilise information and communication tools to manage and coordinate departmental activities and efficiently deliver cost-effective, high quality services to the community.