Social Networks Web Design

The buzz words on the net are Twitter and Facebook – these are Social Media Networks that contain filtered target markets. Used strategically with your SEM you can add weight to your marketing campaigns straight from your mobile phone or PC.

The advantages are:

  • Increasing brand awareness whilst interacting with the public, utilising Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr etc.
  • Developing customer relations and creating advocacy – an essential part of eCRM.
  • Direct communications with your customers e.g. tips and advice, feedback on your product etc.
  • Distributing exclusive gift vouchers, special offers and promotions.
  • Launching marketing campaigns to your fan base e.g. musician websites are known for this.
  • Promoting positive word of mouth, to boost referral links to your site and improve search engine rankings.
  • Customer service enquiries e.g. availability, size, colour.
  • Online reputation management (managing complaints and feedback, responding to PR).

Strategy to Engagement

Once you understand what is being said about your brand, and who is saying it, you can begin to devise strategies to engage and influence the audience. Found can create your social platform, from design and reporting insight to managing your social voice. By partnering with some of the best engagement tools in the marketplace, including Radian6 and Brandwatch, we can communicate messages to your social audience; from promotions and competitions, to general comments and responses to conversations within your social sphere. And with our powerful platform we’ll be able to report on this engagement in a clear, concise, and granular manner.

New Promotional Opportunities

Social Media sites not only present multiple routes for social interaction, they are also prospective advertising and promotional platforms, just like search and display marketing. Whether you want to target specific customer-types through their interests, demographic and geographic make-up on Facebook or reward customers for referring your products to their friends, social media can provide a platform for such promotion.