eCommerce Design

Whether you are selling your products from home, have a retail outlet or aspire to be the next Amazon we have an E-Commerce solution that will suit you. E-Commerce (electronic commerce) means to conduct business online. The advantage of an online shop is that it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is open to the whole world, so you will never have to miss a sale. CD Web Design make E-Commerce sites easy to use, both for our clients and their customers.

We reckon “If you can sell an item on eBay, then you can sell it with one of our E-commerce website solutions”. Our E-Commerce sites enable you to sell products in a way to suit you, providing easy management of products, prices, special offers, delivery and customer buying recommendations. 
Our E-Commerce websites include hosting and email accounts, making selling online one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your business sales.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple catalogue management – show or hide products with one click
  • CRM systems
  • Bespoke E-Commerce Applications
  • Special offer promotions
  • Flexible delivery price options
  • Search Engine Optimised pages
  • Take payments using GooglePay, PayPal or credit/debit card


Design is the anatomy of visual elements mixed to communicate an idea or concept. At CD we pride ourselves in producing design that clearly communicates.


The best websites are slick, compliant and visually enticing. CD have a treasure chest of experience in developing such sites for static, CMS & e-Commerce platforms.


CD Web Design’s broad knowledge base of codes, scripts and platforms, enables us to enhance your current e-Commerce solution as easily as we can create a new one.

How We Add Value

Magento is a feature-rich, professional open-source e-Commerce solution offering total flexibility and control over look, content and functionality of your online store.

E-commerce Site Development

Just like many companies nowadays, the importance of being able to sell your products online is certainly not lost on us. This is a very advantageous business model as it allows you have an automated 24 hour saleable service with very little overheads.

At CD we have honed our E-commerce development skills into a fine art and our capabilities are second to none. This enables us to deliver well tuned E-commerce web development which gives your customers the online shopping experience they are looking for.

The Big Decision

Unknown too many, there are dozens of open source E-commerce platforms available in the market. Finding the right one for your business is half the battle as each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. This is why, before any E-commerce project is taken on, we insist on a product and functions brief with our client’s to establish the most important functions and features that you will need within your new online store. By doing this it not only helps us to provide the most suitable solution possible but it also ensures that the development is within budget.

There are many web developers in the industry who claim to have developed their own E-commerce or Product management solutions. Although this sounds good and makes for a very convincing sales pitch, in reality most of the more successful online stores have been developed within open source solutions such as:

  • Os-Commerce
  • Magento
  • Zen-Cart
  • Virtuemart – Joomla CMS Based
  • Uber-Cart – Drupal CMS Based

The question you have to ask yourself is if their solution is so good, why isn’t every online store using it? The truth is that the open source solutions available have been tried and tested beyond anything that an independently built platform will ever have as it has a much wider user base. In summary if your developer has the skills to customise one of these platforms the benefits will always heavily outweigh those of a stand alone system.

With the experience of our professional web developers and your imagination, the possibilities of your new E-commerce website are practically endless. No matter your products or services, if you’re looking for a reliable and professional E-commerce developer, you have come to the right place.