Company Branding

Brand Creation – It all starts with you

Creating a memorable brand experience for your customers starts with whats important to you and your business. How do your customers relate to you? Are they big fans of your products? Do you engage in regular events or product demonstrations? Any opportunity that a customer comes into contact with your business is an opportunity to gain brand awareness of your products or services. We don’t just design logos but provide an in-depth strategic approach that enables you to communicate your business effectively by using graphic design, type and imagery that will resonate with your audience and really add brand value where it matters most. Your brand is what customers see before anything else and by using our tried and tested design process we can ensure that the we give your business the right solution.

Re-branding – Improving your current business image

Freshening up your image can be a good idea if you’re starting to think your logo or general communications do not quite fit your business objectives. Re-branding can range from improving your current brand identity through minor changes such as improving legibility, colourschemes and the way you present your business through print, to more complex projects involving complete re-designs. As with all branding exercises, your target audience and how they will recieve these changes are always a top priority, so not to alienate loyal fans of your service or product.

The Process

Your Business

A one-to-one meeting with you to discuss and explore your needs for a new brand or alternatively a re-brand.

Design Brief

A design brief is created from the one-to-one and will help provide a focused set of design objectives for the designer.

Research and Brainstorm

Research on competitors, the marketplace and trends with the creative brief, will give an overall picture to brainstorm ideas from.

Sketching ideas

Sketching with a pen on paper can give the designer freedom to be creative and unrestricted. The process also helps develop a strong design direction.

Initial Concepts

This is where you express your ideas and opinions on what we have designed so far. The next step is to transfer your feedback into the next designs.

Feedback Session

A chosen concept is refined and amended from your feedback. It is quite normal to repeat the feedback and development process to get it right.

Design Development

The final design(s) is reviewed by both parties and can confirm that the work is completed.

Sign Off

After the brand identity has been signed off hard copies of all print ready artwork are supplied.