Online Medical Forms

For many company consent form’s are time consuming and very paperwork heavy

The Solution..

Online consent forms these allow your client enter there details from the comfort of their own computer, they can allows log back in and edit this if it is for a long series of events.

These are collated on a database so can be access from any device capable of connecting to the internet, this has been taken further for one client, how has date specific booking system, and the evening before the event it sends him a document containing all the details for the following days clients, this allows him to have all the contact details and information on a smartphone or tablet pc.

He said that this process saved him around 30 minutes a day, and about 6 files of data per year. There are also further benefits in terms of lead generation, if a customer enters their own details there is less mistakes and as it is in a database system it is easily transferable to further marketing such as eNewsletter or Mailshots

For more information as to how this could be tailored to fit your requirement please contact us