Bespoke Ecommerce Design and Stock Management

This is a package were we start looking at building a custom multi-channel system so includes all the features of our bespoke eCommerce Design but also incorporates many features to streamline your systems and increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction:

  • Real Time Stock Control including Online stock Levels
  • Purchase order and stock replenishment systems
  • B2B Trade Accounts Systems
  • ePos Systems

With this package all the systems are modular so can be made to suit your exact requirements and we are able to further develop these modules if there is additional functionality that you are looking for.

Please contact us to see how these solutions could work for your business

Examples of what the system can include:

It is designed specifically for multiple stores, giving them the ability to manage a busy chain of stores from any location. One of the many benefits of the system is that it provides real time data. So sales, stock and branches performance can be analysed and compared all with live information, so stores can respond instantly to market conditions.

  • Seamlessly Integrates all Sales Channels – For multiple retailers that wish to seamlessly integrate their sales channels, It will link stores, online and mail order operations all with the benefit of one product file for data such as products and clients. Moreover it will also integrate with existing ecommerce sites.
  • Point of Sale (PoS) – Busy stores need an intuitive and easy to use point of sale. It features quick entry keys (called hotshots) helping to speed up point of sale transactions whilst linking seamlessly to other areas of the system such as stock and purchase order processing. Hence information is a touch way helping deliver high levels of customer service, transforming the point of sale into a point of service.
  • Stock Control – Stock Control is the single most important discipline for retailers. Getting the right products and right levels of products is critical for every retailer. With the EPoS system stock control becomes an exact science rather than something that is done on gut-feel. Unlike other point of sale systems, it gives retailers full control over their stock and perhaps more importantly “real-time” visibility. So no matter when retailers view stock levels in the system they are seeing real time data, unlike traditional EPoS systems.
  • Purchase Order Processing – With the EPoS system retailers need never run out of stock lines again. Retailers using it are able to set minimum and maximum stock levels for products. So when the minimum level is hit the system automatically raises a purchase order for the stock line(s). The EPoS system also calculates the difference between the maximum and minimum stock level, so retailers order the correct quantity. Moreover our real time data gives retailers the tools to ensure they carry the right amounts of stock of all lines at all times.
  • Promotion Management – The EPoS system offers the most flexible retail promotion management tool available in EPoS today. Retailers have a powerful yet easy to use promotional tool that they can operate across any of their sales channels, and help drive sales and footfall. There are a variety of promotional options including bundles, by customer type, by sales channel and many more.
  • Customer Relationship Management – Being able to record and track accurate records of customers and their purchases is critical for retailers in helping them analyse their client base. The EPoS system comes with a CRM system that logs details of customers such as transactions, interests, returns, frequency of purchase and so forth. Not only does it allow retailers to target clients more effectively by offering them promotions that relate to products they have bought previously, but it also allows staff to treat each client as an individual, as they can see their history at point of sale.
  • Loyalty Programmes – Effective retail loyalty programmes are a proven solution to help retailers to increase basket size, repeat shopper frequency and of course their bottom line. Our loyalty programme that is integrated with the EPoS system. It is flexible, functional and like all EPoS software easy to use. It can be configured as a straight forward points scheme, discount or reward based loyalty programme.
  • Back Office Management – To make the right buying and business decisions retailers need the ability to access the most up to date information about their business. With a wide array of reports and tools the back office of the system offers all this and more in easy to use and viewable formats. Unlike other EPoS back office systems, the EPoS system allows businesses the flexibility and instant access they require when operating across different sales channels in a fast moving environment to make informed decisions when required.

Why Our System is different

In addition to this it can be accessed over a broadband connection so that means retailers can access it over any internet connection. Whether this be from head office, on the road, in a meeting with a supplier or so forth. Giving the retail management team the instant control they need to make the right decisions.