Epos Systems

We specialise in building multi-channel systems and are therefore very experienced working with a range of Point of Sale Systems

We can advise on which system is best for you and industry that you work with, along with which will integrate with your whole system best

Point of Sale (PoS) – It is essential that an electronic point of sale system is simple and easy to use, there can be few things as frustrating in retail as waiting in store as the sales assistant tries to figure out a complex point of sale system. One of the many benefits of Epos Systems is that they are intuitive and easy to use, even for those users who have only previously operated cash registers.

As well as being easy to use, Epos system are feature-rich which greatly assists retailers in managing their business and improving customer satisfaction levels.

Simple, yet effective, functions such as detailed technical descriptions and images at point of sale not only aid sales assistants but improve levels of customer service. What’s more if you have a number of stores and several electronic points of sale in each you only have to load the descriptions and images once. This is because most systems are centrally managed, hence once they are loaded on to the “server”, every point of sale system across the estate can access images and the descriptions.

Most electronic point of sale systems are packed full of other features that make retail and point of sale management so much easier. Functions such as instant messaging direct to POS, time and attendance, cash management, complete customer tracking and order facilities and many more. All of which combine to make the some of most complete POS and EPoS system available on the market.