Mcommerce Design

Everywhere you turn, the mobile phone is the gadget most people can’t live without. No longer a device just for making phone calls, a mobile phone allows your customers to surf the web, browse your products and make purchases wherever they are and whenever they want. Over 7 million UK consumers now access the Internet through their mobile phone and ecommerce is the latest industry to move into the mobile space.

Mobilise Your Website

Our ecommerce platform supports desktop, mobile and tablet out of the box. Working with you, we’ll come up with an engaging mobile or tablet design that captivates your customers wherever they are and ensures that they can reach your products quickly and easily.

Quick To Load

The key to a successful mobile experience is remembering that your customers could be accessing your mobile website on a 3G network or worst still a 2G connection. Building your mobile site to deliver a fast user experience on these type of connections will ensure that when your customers are in a WiFi hotspot – your mobile site is blisteringly fast.

Optimal User Experience

Captivate and retain customers with our mobile optimised solutions. Your mobile offering needs to be attractive, informative and most importantly, simple to navigate in order to engage customers wherever they are and drive sales.

eCommerce Functions For Mobile

Whether it’s a full ecommerce website or a mobile optimised version, the functionality and flexibility of our platform is the same. With over 100 modules and seamless business integration solutions, it offers everything you need to sell, and excel, in the mobile world.