Multi-Channel Ecommerce Systems

The internet has transformed retail, from the way consumers purchase goods, to the way retailers attract and retain customers. Many argue it has shifted power to the consumer, who can now demand more for less, with the ability to search for suppliers and prices online. Part of this power shift means retailers now need to offer multiple sales channels if they want to retain existing clients and gain new ones.

It’s relatively easy for retailers to offer multi-channel sales, in terms of selling via retail stores, ecommerce sites and mail order operations. The difficulty comes in managing them effectively and cohesively. It offers a unique solution through its retail software system that encompasses EPoS, ecommerce and mail order systems.

Multi-Channel Retail Software

It’s vital that multi-channel retailers have visibility across their sales channels. It allows retailers to do this, by having one product file and customer file, that the EPoS, ecommerce and mail order systems all access in real time.

As a hosted solution, the software is accessed via an internet connection, rather than being loaded locally at point of sale. This allows all sales channels (point of sale, ecommerce and mail order) to have real time access to stock levels and client information. So retailers can manage their stock and fulfil orders more efficiently. In addition to this they can build closer relationships with clients as they can better understand their buying behaviour.

For many multi-channel retailers it is the mail order transaction that can cost as much to process as a ‘bricks and mortar’ sale because the order has to be routed to a dedicated mail order department. This is quite often off-site, in a call centre or at a head office and usually there is no visibility of actual stock. With our Sales Order Processing (SOP) a mail order transaction can be taken at point of sale, at a call centre, at the head office or indeed anywhere and all with real-time transparency of stock. In addition to this our mail order solution seamlessly integrates with the EPoS and ecommerce solutions for a true multi-channel solution.

Live Stock Visibility

When a customer places an order through the mail order system, the retailer is able to interrogate live stock visibility at the warehouse and other branches, and place and fulfil the order from wherever appropriate. This allows them to process the order via a branch (at point of sale) or warehouse, wherever the stock item may be located. This ensures orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible and sales opportunities are not lost due to poor stock visibility.

More than just a Mail Order System

The Mail Order system is incredibly flexible and comes with a multitude of features that make managing a mail order operation seamless with the rest of a retailer’s sales channels. For example retailers are able to process gift vouchers or gift cards, there is postcode look up functionality to speed up the sales process and the ability to discount individual products or entire sales. It also has the ability to communicate instantly to any or every point of sale system.

These are just some of the benefits retailers enjoy with our Mail Order system. And what’s more this is seamlessly integrated with a complete multi-channel sales system, for retailers from independents to a corporate level.