Packaging Design

Creative Packaging Design

Your products are the heros of your business and all great products need an exciting package to entice customers to purchase them. As nearly 80% of all purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale its no wonder that so many companies large and small think it’s pretty important to get it right. We believe that effective packaging design forms from thinking like your customers do and by finding out what makes them tick. Building unique strategies that truly work goes on for the lifecycle of your product and we pride ourselves on our specialist service that enables you to get it right first time and to forever improve the results.

We offer a 360° service that includes packaging consultations, structural design, graphic design and printing/manufacture. It can be an intricate process from start to finish which is why we are with you every step of the way, using our expertise to guide your products in the right direction.

Packaging consultation

Do you have a product or a range of new products that need packaging? To arrange a consultation make an enquiry to find out more about our creative packaging services.

The Process

Your Product

We start by taking a sample of your product

Market Research

Research into your current marketplace and competitors how they brand their products and market them.

Market Position

From the information we gather we ‘position’ you in a way that makes you different from your competitors.

Concept Design

By using your new market position, we create concept designs based on your new look. We then present these designs to you.


This is where you express your ideas and opinions on what we have designed so far. The next step is to transfer your feedback into the next designs.

Design Development

A chosen concept is refined and amended from your feedback. It is quite normal to repeat the feedback and development process to get it right.

Final Designs

The final design(s) is reviewed by both parties and can confirm that the work is completed.

Sign Off

The sign-off is the end of the design process. The next step will be printing your packaging.