Website Banner Design

Website banner design was something seen as an after thought for many years within the website design industry. It was enough to have your company logo on the banner with a jerky message, created by website designers as if it were something that they really could not be bothered with. This shouldn’t be the way. The website banner design should fully integrate with your corporate branding and message.

In the same way that you would not stand for a graphic designer throwing some text and imagery together for printed advertising, neither should you simply put up with a website designer delivering something substandard. If the website banner leads to a five page brochure website design, or a global e-commerce website design solution, anything less than a brand strengthening and professional looking website banner design to represent your business off site, should not be accepted.

Website banner design evolution

Part of the empathy seen from website designers when it came to website banner design may have been to do with the technology available. The website banner had to be very small in file size and had to be made from a series of gif images meaning that animation was not really achievable. Also, website designs themselves were not as considered as they generally are today, meaning that the website environment that your banner would inhabit would invariably not sit well with your branding.

Things have come a long way as now website banner designs can include flash animation design, meaning much more action within a similar file size. Also, as website designs become more professional on the whole, especially websites that offer advertising, then so they will have greater control on which pages your website banner design will be displayed. This is an important consideration. A website banner design is an extension of your corporate branding. As such it should be carefully placed to make it best suited to catch the user’s eye and click through to your website whilst enforcing your company’s message.

Considered website banner design to suit your business message

So if your CMS website design needs more online awareness or you are looking to drive more traffic to your flash website design, then look no further. Our professional website designers will produce on target and professionally crafted website banner design to assist in traffic driving and brand awareness for your business today.