Events Websites

We have our own online booking software some of the features are below

Create a customised event website

Whatever your event, you can easily create a website to suit your needs. Your customised website will allow you to manage all aspects of your event, sell tickets, manage RSVP’S, take secure bookings and/or payments online, and analyse the success of your event through our reporting suite.

You choose how you want your event website to look

  • We can create a customised event website, uniquely branded to match your own website
  • Incorporate sponsors logos, banners, photos, videos and sound effects

Have as many event pages as you like

  • Create extra pages to give your attendee’s maximum information about your event
  • Create extra pages for sponsors, speakers, event programmes, accommodation or whatever you need.

It’s quick and easy to set up your event website

  • We can guide you through the process creating your events website to ensure it looks attractive
  • If you’ve got multiple events we can build one site for all the events or for a small fee develop further events on the same design
Promote your event

Use event promotion tools to raise awareness, increase ticket sales and maximise communication with your attendees.

Stay in touch with your attendees

  • Upload your email contacts database for people you want to invite
  • The contact database is exclusively yours. It is secure and manages content for Data Protection
  • Email invitations, reminders, and thank you emails can be sent to your attendee’s
  • Use our pre-built email templates or create your own customised emails
  • Save the database in your account and use again and again for all your events

Tell the social world all about your event

  • Use social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn to create a buzz in the lead up to your event
  • Encourage your attendees to “Like”, “Share” & “Retweet” to gain maximum exposure & attract other potential attendees
  • Utilise social media to keep your attendees up to date with the details of your event and to encourage interaction

We can give you a helping hand

  • Ask us to promote your event through our social media websites, we will be happy to help you out
  • Our marketing team are always available to offer advice, so feel free to call or email us
Sell Tickets or take bookings online

You’re in complete control with CD – Choose the ticketing option that best suits your event

  • Create unlimited ticket types, such as early bird or VIP
  • Limit the number of tickets you sell per ticket type, control your capacity
  • Set a time limit for VIP or early bird tickets to encourage early purchase and create exclusivity
  • Attach a promotional code to a ticket type to give some attendees discounts or special privileges
  • If you’re running an event that doesn’t require tickets, simply use your event page to produce & manage guest list reports

Peace of mind for you and your attendees

  • Take secure online payments using credit cards, debit cards & PayPal
  • Once your attendees have booked they will receive an automated email confirmation and printable or Android Phone viewable 2D barcoded e-ticket

Never lose out on sales

  • When your event sells out, create a waiting list to sell extra tickets at a later date or for future events

You choose who pays the fees

  • Incorporate our small fee in the ticket price to keep your costs to a minimum
Ticket management at your event

Bookings receive 2D barcoded e-tickets that can be scanned at the entrances or simply use our Box Office Suite to print tickets and sell them at the entrances.

  • Download a list of attendees from your CD reporting suite
  • Issue attendees with e-tickets containing unique barcodes
  • Scan tickets at multiple entrances if necessary
  • A ticket can only be scanned once
  • Barcode scanners are linked to your account – automatically updating your account to show who attended your event
  • You can sell tickets at the door too. Simply print off the number of tickets you need from our Box Office Suite and sell at the entrance on the day
Event Reporting

Attendee reports

  • Monitor ticket sales in real-time
  • View a full list of attendees and their contact details before and after your event

Event snapshot reports

  • An instant bird’s eye view of your entire event and its success – in the run up to your event and after your event has ended

Financial reports

  • View the revenue generated in real time
  • View your revenue generated per ticket sale or type