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Mobile Design is one of the faster growing areas of our business, as companies are realising that engaging customers on their phones, is now a must.

Mobile Websites & Apps

All the sites we build will render on mobile devices. The use of responsive design when applied can enable the mobile experience of our websites to automatically reformat into long scrolling pages suitable for mobile devices. However, the requirements of the mobile user are usually different to those of a desktop user. When this is the case, a mobile specific version of the site or an App may be appropriate. This requires a separate though shortened version of the website project process detailed above, called moblification. It involves re-establishing the needs of the users in this different environment. A scaling back of the architecture and design in line with screen sizes and interaction habits will be necessary to make it relevant and to maximise conversion and retention.

Mobile Websites Vs. Apps

This is a question we are very often asked and there is no right answer, sorry.

Mobile sites are advantageous as we can build one that works with all mobile operating systems therefore development costs are often lower. Also it still focuses on Mobile SEO so if a customer is not already a customer they can find you and use your mobile services.

The advantages of Mobile Apps is that if you have a loyal customer that downloads your app, you can provide regular updates or notifications to keep your brand and services in the front of the customers mind. Its also great to add additional services such as industry news or for sports industry results so that the customer uses your app regular or will recommend it to a friend.

Also by using the operating systems we can gain more information about the user to provide a more interactive app, that allows them to search for the nearest branch of your store using GPS.

In an ideal world customers would have both but we apps work better for established companies with large customer base where customers will hear about the app and download it, otherwise due to the lack of seo within apps a mobile site might work better as your site gets listed to a wide range of customers.

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