SEO – Link Building

How Many Other Websites Link To Yours?

Google finds this really impressive, as it is a sign of your popularity and worth. How they work this out is a matter of value and anchors. Confused? Learn more below.

Link building: why & how

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” — Wendy Piersall

An invaluable part of SEO, linking from external sites is extremely powerful, as it suggests reputability.  Like humans, search engines see referring links from external sites as a recommendation, raising their “opinion” of your website.

There are several ways to build links on external sites:

  • Directories are a good source of back link generation. Careful placement of your link on these sites can generate industry-specific leads, and offer a no-obligation source of referral.
  • Similarly, we add local identifiers to your site, ensuring that they come up in targeted geographic searches.
  • We submit links to a variety of sites that back link to your competitors, including blogs, b2b sites, trade associations, and forums.
  • It is important to integrate your site with the Social Media world, as it creates a presence in your marketplace.  We set up profiles on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, allowing for direct consumer interaction.
  • Another no-obligation source for back links is articles and news releases. We distribute and publish stories on various article directories.

…and where appropriate, we create inbound linking opportunities on video sharing sites.