UX – User Experience

Understand how visitors are using your website

(and where you could improve…) Have you invested in your website and online marketing and still not getting results and business enquiries?

Would you like to see exactly how users behave on your website?

See their mouse movements, which links they click on and when they decide to leave?
Are your calls to action well formulated and strategically placed?

You will never unlock the full potential of the website you’ve worked so hard to create unless you seriously test, measure and learn from the user experience of navigating your website.

As part of our Smart User Experience Web Analysis, we offer a range of services that enable you to understand exactly how different types of people interact with your website, where they get confused, and where they give up on you altogether.

We offer a page-by-page service, starting with your home page, that can tell you a wealth of information about what links people click on, what pages they visit and how they spend time on your site.

“The success of a website and its ability to generate business depends on far more factors than whether it looks good or not.”

We then deliver these results back to you in whichever way you please:

  • A mouse heat map to show where users go on your website
  • A click heat map to show where people are more likely to click through
  • A scroll heat map to show how far down the page people look

Information can then be used to address many different issues, for instance:

  • Coding problems
  • Calls to action
  • Design issues
  • Compatibility issues