Online 360 Views

Here at CD we provide one of the best virtual tour products on the market at a remarkably low price. This formidable marketing tool with a real wow factor can be fully customised to your requirements. With video like quality and the possibility to view the virtual tour in full-screen mode, virtual tours represent the ultimate means by which to visually promote properties, locations and business premises online.

What is a virtual tour? A virtual tour is an online application that allows the viewer to see a series of 360 degree revolving images. Each revolving image is produced by taking a number of horizontal and vertical images, which once seamlessly stitched together form a 360 degree image. Each virtual tour can have a number of 360 degree images making this the perfect online application to show off property interiors or multiple locations in a stunning visual format.

Viewing your virtual tour A virtual tour can sit on any webpage (as displayed on the virtual tours sample page) or be sent via email using a simple textual web link. On clicking on the link, the virtual tour will open up in a separate window. Adding a virtual tour to a webpage is very simple. As we host your virtual tour, all you will have to do is to copy and paste the virtual tour web link we send you on to your desired HTML page! If you need help we are only an email away!

When choosing a virtual tour solution, you’ll need to consider how your virtual tours will be delivered to your audience. A standalone 360 virtual tour (known as a ’360 interactive’) can be an excellent solution if you have a small number of tours, are displaying tours which are geographically unrelated, or if you have an in-house web team who wish to put the tours into an interface themselves.