Online Presenters


Here are just a few of the ways you could use a web presenter to enhance your website:

Homepage greeting

There’s no better way to grab attention than with one of our pleasant, polished professionals welcoming every visitor and explaining what your website is all about.

Showcasing a new product

Let one of our presenters publicise your product by giving a real demonstration of it in use. A human demonstration is much more charismatic and creative than an inanimate picture.

Product usage training

Text and still images can only do so much. For some products a human demonstration is essential to clarify proper usage. Particularly relevant to scientific and medical products, our web presenters can provide you with a series of straightforward training films.

News/Features on topical affairs

We can provide news or feature based topical stories for your website; a great way to keep current or to promote a particular area. They will be current, concise and their topical nature will instantly capture the attention of your visitors.

Business presentations

Make dull, lifeless presentations a thing of the past by opting for an engaging presenter, who can present complex facts and statistics in a captivating and enjoyable manner.

Annual Financial reports

Tedious 100 page dossier or punchy 5 minute presentation? Make your shareholders really digest vital statistics with one of our informative and comprehensible presenters.

If you have your own idea or request but don’t know how to implement it, we can help with that too, just contact us.