Online Virtual Tours

Your Virtual Tour can include a 360, a video, and a set of photos for each area you want to show. For example a property could include the lounge, kitchen, study, garden, the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Restaurants could include a dining area and bar. Hotels can also add the reception, a garden, each bedroom type and conference rooms, and all the health & fitness areas.

All the videos, 360s and photos can be viewed in full screen and are provided at seven different quality levels. The most appropriate quality level for each customer’s internet speed is selected and shown automatically. This ensures that whether viewing your Virtual Tour using mobile devices, WiFi or high speed broadband, they will always receive the fastest and highest quality experience possible.

In addition to virtual tours, panoramic and stills photography, CD offer a virtual tour interface creation service. If you require more than one 360 virtual tour, an interface provides an invaluable tool for delivering the virtual tours to the end user. Our customized interfaces, maps and floorplans can give a framework to your virtual tours – ensuring the viewer always remains orientated within the environment.

An CD virtual tour interface can incorporate a variety of multimedia ingredients to engage with your web audience. As well as mapping the space, your virtual tour interface can include a soundtrack, a voiceover, video, stills, webcam or hotspots that highlight particular points of interest – our background in web design means there is virtually no limit to what we can create for you. It can seamlessly integrate within your existing site or even become a separate microsite.