Facebook App Design

We are Facebook apps developers & specialists.

With the launch of the ‘App Centre’, Facebook have taken customer engagement and user interaction to a whole new level, which in partnership with our specialist Facebook App Design skills, could revolutionise your social business strategy.

Our Facebook App design work can be developed to suit your individual business and customer needs, from the complex and creative to the simple and stylish.

A strong Facebook App design is not only crucial to user experience, but could optimise and increase your on site ROI beyond recognition.

Facebook really has become a single site and multifunctional platform since the introduction of ‘Timeline’, enabling your users to perform 100% of actions on-site and on-page, leaving specifically designed social content on your main website potentially redundant.

With the more complex of Apps, you can improve usability, and fully integrate functions and features of your main core website into Facebook. You can retrieve blogs, showcase testimonials, perform live searches of your site from the comfort of your Facebook profile, and much, much more.

Not only does this improve on site usage with desktop users, but with mobile and smart phone usage and viewings ever on the increase (specifically with use of social media) it is a key area that

Contact us today to discuss your Facebook App design ideas, and how we can help you stand out from the competition.

Why do I need to customise my Facebook business page?

The default “timeline” set up on your Facebook page, is wholly inefficient for your business. Crucial information you want to put across such as your products and services, special offers etc. disappear, and replaced with a chronological feed of your activity on Facebook since your page’s beginning. While this is great for personal profiles, from a business perspective, it can look a bit of a mess!

So what does this mean for you? Well, with little or no information and without an understanding of your brand your conversion from ‘like’ to ‘love’ and ‘read’ to ‘revenue’ will be non-existent.

With this in mind, Facebook allows “apps/page” to be developed and created allowing you to promote your brand and business effectively and efficiently. With calls to action, extra information and visitor engagement, you will grow your ‘likes’ and as a result, your business on Facebook.

  • Satisfaction guarantee or your deposit back
  • Live within 3 business days on average
  • Professional facebook designer working on your page
  • No charges for amends
  • No template EVER used
  • Can include video and other media
  • On page contact forms
  • Integration with your website
  • Calls to Action
  • Help provided setting up accounts