Social Commerce Design

What is Social-Commerce

All businesses are always looking to find fresh new ways to generate enquiries and sell their products online. This concept is vital in achieving their ultimate goal which is “More Revenue”. With the online world ever changing and moving forward it has opened up the doors to a wide variety of commerce solutions. No longer does your business have to limit its online transactions to just your E-commerce platform.

Enter “Social-Commerce”

2009 saw the first Facebook product sales transaction of a bouquet of flowers from a local United States florist. Since then the concept of Facebook E-commerce has taken the online shopping industry by storm and has created the buzz word “F-Commerce”.

In 2011 came the next stage in F-commerce as an ever growing number of brands opened Facebook stores sell specifically to their fans and followers.

Today there are hundreds of brands including Coca Cola, Starbucks and even Disney selling their products through this goliath of a social platform and many predict that within the next decade, F-Commerce will see more business promoting their products than on Amazon.

Jump On From The Start

Think back if you will to the birth of the search engines, how much would you value the opportunity to be one of the first companies to have their products ranking in Google? The answer to this question is a lot!

The truth is that this opportunity is here, with the evolution of F-Commerce comes the chance to be involved in the beginning of the next stage in online sales. With a user base of more than 800 million it is enough to leave even the most experienced of marketing specialists captivated as the word-of-mouth opportunities of Facebook are astonishing.

If you’re curious about how F-Commerce could benefit your business, call us today and speak to one of our professional social marketing specialists.