CMS Websites

What is Content Management

Over roughly the last decade or so there have been some incredible advancements in Content Management System (CMS) websites. With the release of Drupal in 2001 there have been a wide selection of open source CMS platforms that have made their way into the web design industry.

There is one key benefit in using a CMS website for your business and that is being able to edit your website’s pages and content with little or no web development experience. With new businesses springing to life all over the country on a regular basis, the demand for content managed websites is at an all time high, and why not? Web development can be expensive at the best of times and although our website design packages are some of the most competitively priced around, depending on your online marketing plans, the opportunity to manage your own website once it has been developed should always be considered.


Ok, so are there any downsides to using a Content Managed Website? In short yes there are! I’ll explain, although there are many CMS platforms available, very few of them offer an acceptable SEO output and let’s face it, there isn’t much point in having the website if it’s fighting the search engines at every step of the way.

Here are just a handful of the key problems with many CMS websites:

  • Dynamic URL’s
  • Bad Meta Tags
  • Session ID’s
  • Poor Keyword URL’s
  • Poorly Coded Design

There are many systems that now claim to be “Search Engine Friendly” or “SEO Ready” but be sure to read the fine print as they can be very misleading in their pitch.

Are There Any Good Ones?

Although it may seem that we have painted a bad picture of CMS websites, it isn’t all doom and gloom and the truth is that there are some options available that do not apply to the above. At CD we have tried and tested a variety of different platforms from the simplest to the most complex available and we have found that there are some select choices do offer a very good SEO output are also easy to manage once they are live.

If the right planning and choice is made the use of a content management website can be a huge benefit to your business, why not take the time to speak with one of our developers today and find out more?