Portfolio Websites

If your business needs an online presence to offer information or to act as a point of reference for existing or potential clients, then a brochure website design is the answer. Simply put, the term brochure refers to the fact that the main function of a brochure website design would be to offer on page information for the user to digest.

Brochure website design

The start of any brochure website design project would see the website designers and project managers at CD Web Design build a brief with the client. This initial consultancy would see our website designers gather all of the information necessary to create an engaging and professional website design soltuion for your project.

Brochure website functionality

Just because a brochure website is about conveying the infromation as easily as possible to the user, this does not mean that it cannot have any greater functionality. For instance, the website can have a sign up function in which the business could harvest user data to be used in future marketing campaigns. The website can use other technologies such as flash animation design elements, forms, RSS feeds…in fact the only limitations are imagination and time!

A brochure website design can also be controlled by a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS website design would give the user total control over all content and functions on the brochure website and give the client greater flexibility in moving forwards, both in terms of the brochure website and the business as a whole.

Get your brochure website design started today!

If this feels like the type of website design project that you feel covers your requirements, then get in touch with our website design and development team today. One of our project managers will be only too happy to assist you with realising the brochure website design solution that best suits your needs.