Website Redesign or Makeover

Is your website looking tired, dated, or simply not working?

Might you say “Yes” to any of these questions?

  • Does your website never seem to get many visitors?
  • My website gets traffic, but we get little or no business from it.
  • Was your website built a couple of years ago & is now looking old & tired?
  • Was your website built by an enthusiastic amateur?
  • Does your current website convey the wrong image for your business?
  • Our competitors websites are generally better than ours.
  • Simply looking for fresh ideas?

If so, you are not alone. We have worked with many UK businesses who have had a website built, some going back several years, who became disappointed and frustrated with their online presence.

Updating and re-design of your existing website should be considered every two to three years to ensure your website keeps pace with advances in website design capabilities and to make sure it retains a fresh information source for your visitors. Just as fashion trends change, equally so do website design standards and technologies. Plus, the computers, browsers and screens used by your potential customers to view your website also change.

Website redesign – revolution or evolution?

The real skill in re-designing websites is knowing what is required. Change for the sake of change, is no change at all.

The fundamental question we ask of any site undergoing a re-design, or any business interested is undertaking one is: what is the prime motive for a change, and the main weaknesses of the current website? These answers will largely define whether a site needs a simple re-vamp or a complete redesign.

CD will analyse your current website, listen to your concerns, and discuss with you what we think is the best solution based on your individual business needs. Redesigning a website, or giving it a ‘website makeover’ involves improving both the visual appeal of your website….it’s look and feel..and also the marketing of the site. It is little use having stunning looking website which attracts minimal traffic. Conversely, we don’t want to be very successful at gaining high volumes of traffic but cannot convert those visitors into potential customers.

So we have a balancing act to perform, creating a website that is good to look at, which entices visitors into its content, but integrates thoughtful ‘calls to action’ and makes your business appear credible yet approachable…so potential customers feel comfortable doing business with you.

CD website redesign will help make your website more visible & profitable

Key Factors

  • A totally fresh website, which correctly represents your business aims and objectives.
  • Your new website will be designed and built with best practice search engine optimization included as standard. We make sure your website will be noticed by the search engines
  • Lifetime support and website maintenance. We can offer everything you need to create and manage a successful website. Design, build, optimization, hosting, Email, maintenance, bug fixes, updates, marketing, reporting, data analysis
  • Comprehensive website performance and visitor statistics reporting. Track your websites performance on a daily basis. We provide you with real time access to Google analytics
  • Flexible solutions. We can work with your existing domain name or create a new one. You can choose to stay with your existing server or move to our high speed dedicated servers

We will…

  • Give impartial advice free of charge
  • Listen to your business needs
  • Advise you on what options are best for you, not for us.
  • Present a solution that is affordable and achievable
  • Work with you on a one-on-one basis from start to finish.

We will not:

  • Try and sell you something you dont need
  • Promise something we cannot deliver.
  • Ignore you once your new website is completed.