WordPress Design

WordPress: The iPhone of the Web

WordPress is a small revolution in Internet technology, and it currently powers the web presence of thousands of corporations, both big and small.

WordPress is to the Internet what the iPhone is to mobile communication.

A revolution in itself, this content management tool began life as a simple blogging system. Today, it provides a CMS that is popular with providers and consumers alike.Both an ideal experimentation tool for the CMS novice and a playground for developers, WordPress is something of an open-source project. It has a number of “plug-ins” and “add-ons” (a bit like the apps you can get for an iPhone) that enhance the service, many of which are contributions from developers from all over the world.  YouTube videos and Twitter feeds can now be added to websites at the click of a button, and thousands of cutting-edge extensions are being created every day that cater to e-commerce, social media, content management features, SEO features and multimedia.

Constantly revised, easy to implement, and cheap to maintain, WordPress is an exciting and future-proof all-in-one solution. However, it does have some structural restrictions, like all ready-made packages, and careful consideration needs to be given to assess its suitability before a project begins.

It is also worth bearing in mind that Google loves WordPress. From integrated tools to page rankings, the two companies are built in a way that makes them co-operate very easily. This is despite the fact that Google has its own blogging tool (Buzz), which is quickly losing industry favour.